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SCBA Respirator Spectacle Insert Kits

Industrial Vision Corporation provides prescription eyeglass inserts for all SCBA respirator manufacturers. These inserts, often called Spectacle Insert Kits, allow anyone who uses full face respirators to use prescription eyeglasses inside the respirator mask without compromising the seal.

For more than 25 years, Industrial Vision Corporation has been making Prescription Spectacle Kits for:

  • Fire Fighters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Chemical and HAZMAT workers
  • Other industrial occupations needing prescription visibility while wearing a respirator facepiece

Retail Optical Stores Can't Provide Proper Fit and Function
Fabricating prescription lenses for your respirator mask requires additional calculations to your standard eyeglass prescription. Failure to make these special measurements will result in a loss of visibility, clarity and focus. Industrial Vision Corporation has the experience and manufacturing capability to provide quality Rx inserts for your respirator mask.

Rx Inserts in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Provide your own insert or select a spectacle insert attachment based on type of respirator mask you use. We carry Rx inserts for all models of SCBA respirator masks.

Step 2: Call our Safety Specialist for a competitive quote 40% - 70% below retail prices.

Step 3: Fax us your prescription so we can fabricate your insert to your exact specifications and ship the finished attachment to your doorstep.

That's it! No need to revisit your eye doctor for measurements or fittings. We do all the calculations required to accomodate your specific respirator mask.

We have Spectacle Insert Kits for every major SCBA respirator manufacturer, including:

3M Respirators SCBA InsertsScott Respirators, SCBA InsertsMSA Respirators SCBA InsertsNorth Respirators SCBA Inserts

Survivair Respirators SCBA InsertsDrager Respirators SCBA InsertsCriss Respirators SCBA InsertsHudson Respirators SCBA Inserts

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