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OSHA and ANSI Z87 Approved Safety Glasses

Industrial Vision Corporation offers a wide selection of prescription safety lenses and safety frames to accommodate specific job duties and user preferences. Our products range from wrap-around safety glasses to multi-focal lenses and frames that have the same style and appearance as today’s high fashion “street wear” glasses.

With so many choices it is important that you speak with a professional safety expert with years of experience in occupational vision safety. Our staff are ABO certified opticians trained to advise you on the proper choice of safety glasses needed for specific job duties. Without this expert guidance, you may not meet the ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety standard or OSHA safety guidelines resulting in increase liability exposure for you and your employer.

Industrial Vision has prescription safety glasses for every job function and need. We stock more varieties of safety glasses and accessories than any other supplier or manufacturer in the Midwest, including:

safety frames

Industrial Vision Corporation is the only company in the Midwest to stock all frames from every safety frame manufacturer in the U.S. We are proud to partner with the leading safety frame manufacturers including:

Titmas Safety Glasses On-Guard Safety Frames Hudson Optical Safety Frames

New! Dust Guard safety Glasses

Dust Guard safety GlassesThis eyewear encloses the eye socket to provide maximum protection against wind and dust. It is also Hypoallergenic, Non Absorbing, Flame Retardant while still allowing airflow to reduce fogging. Frames are available with Indoor/Outdoor Anti Fog Lenses. Learn More >>>

All frames comply with the occupational eye protection standards recommended by the American National Standards Institute for ANSI 87.1. In addition to stocking safety frames, Industrial Vision Corporation is the largest stocking provider for safety frames repair and replacement parts including certified side shields for all safety glasses.

Call Industrial Vision Corporation for a FREE report on why many glasses sold as “safety glasses” may not comply with OSHA and ANSI safety specifications. To learn more about how we can help you protect your employees and reduce the potential liability for eye injuries on the job contact us today at 314-664-1033 or toll free at 1-800-264-1941.

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